China supplier High Quality ASME 7.5kw/11kw/15kw/22kw and 8bar/10bar/15bar/16bar VSD Premanent Magnet High Pressure Electric AC All in One Industry Rotary Screw Air Compressor portable air compressor

Product Description


Technical parameters

8/10 Bar

Model Max Working
Capacity Motor Power Air Tank Capacity Connection Net
bar psig m3/min hp kw L inch kgs mm
J7.5CTG-8 8 116 1.10  10 7.5 250 G3/4″ 350 1430*710*1470
J7.5CTG-10 10 145 0.90 
J11CTG-8 8 116 1.60  15 11 400 G3/4″ 510 1850*950*1870
J11CTG-10 10 145 1.40 
J15CTG-8 8 116 2.60  20 15 400 G3/4″ 510 1850*950*1870
J15CTG-10 10 145 2.00 
J22CTG-8 8 116 3.60  30 22 400 G1″ 555 1850*950*1870
J22CTG-10 10 145 3.00 

16 Bar

Model Max Working
Capacity Motor Power Air Tank
Connection Net
bar psig m3/min hp kw L inch kgs mm
J11CTG-16 16 217 1.10  15 11 400 G3/4″ 510 1850*950*1870
J15CTG-16 16 217 1.50  20 15 400 G3/4″ 510 1850*950*1870
J22CTG-16 16 217 2.30  30 22 400 G1″ 555 1850*950*1870

(If you do not have a suitable air compressor, welcome to browse our other models)

Parts Introduction


Color touch screen
1.Intelligent control system.
2.Easy to operate,intelligent display thr running situation.

Inovance inverter
1.Low noise,stepless speed regulation to protect the grid.
2.Quick response,stable air pressure,energy saving.

High efficient air-end
1.No power loss,high efficient transmission.
2.Low energy consumption,low maintenance cost.

Refrigerated air dryer
1.Remove 98% of the moisture in the air.
2.Perfect fit for the compressor.

Line Air filter
1.Make compressed air cleaner and protect your end machine.
2.Italian brand.

Product features


1.Small footpaint


22kw separate system floor area  VS  22kw 4in1 system floor area (example) 22kw separate system floor area 22kw 4IN1 system floor area
Screw air compressor 930*750*1205mm 1850*950*1870mm
Air tank 940*940*2220mm
Air dryer & Line air filter 500*860*880mm
Compressor room size required (include the maintenance space) L6000*W3000*H3200mm L2500*W3000*H2500mm

(A 22kw 4in1 screw air compressor system floor area is samller than a 22kw separate air compressor system, save your factory space.)

2.Plug and use


A separate air compressor system need installnation the pipeline, take time and cost. For example, in China install a 22kw compressor system pipeline need to pay labor cost USD200 and material cost USD350 Total USD550.
OLYMTECH 4IN1 compressor pipeline is connected before delivering, user get it and connect the power, plug and use, save time and cost!

3.Upgraded water drain system


Other brands line air filter match with manual drain, the condensate water from air tank, air dryer and air filter spilled all over the floor, makes the enviroment dirty and wet.
OLYMTECH 4IN1 compressor line air filter match with auto drain. We collect the condensate water from air tank, air dryer and air filter, then drain the water together, keeps the enviroment clean and dry.

4.Power connect


Other brands air compressor and air dryer power are separate, need to connect 2 power, user need to prepare 1 phase and 3 phase power, it is complicated!
OLYMTECH 4IN1 compressor and dryer power are combine, just need to connect the air compressor power, then can run the whole machine, easy to use.

 5.Energy saving solution

Smart inverter(35%)
A wide speed control range of frequency converter prevents unnecessary power consumption for no-load operation.

No unnecessary pressure(6-8%)
Constant pressure setting reduce the pressure drop, 1bar of unnecessarily high pressure correopnds to about 7% of the energy.

Permanent magnet motor(2-5%)
High efficiency IE3 permanent magnet motor reduces energy costs.
Lossless direct drive(1-2%)
The direct connectin between the air-end and motor has none of the transmission losses.


Production line factory

Real factory
1.20 years screw air compressor prodcution experience.
2.Two owned factories.
3.Ten cooperation factories.

OEM/ODM service

OLYMTECH custom-make your logo and color. Details please check with our sales engineer.


120000m3 NEW FACTORY is coming in 2571, welcome to visit olymtech!


After Sales Service


Spare part support
Genuine spare parts supply.

Video support
24hour /7day online after-sales service for installation commissioning, trouble shooting.

File support
English user manual, maintenance book, etc.

Training support
Distributors sales and after-sales teaining.

Industry application

Meet the needs of all industries! Your best work partner!

Laser cutting: product/KERpZiUwZecL/China-Hot-Sale-Laser-Cutting-Machine-Used-ASME-CE-Pmvsd-All-in-One-4in1-Energy-Saving-Screw-Air-Compressor.html

(Detailed application details pages for other industries are still being added)

Why choose us

Shipping solution
Help you save shipping cost.

Global Exhibition
We have more than 10 years of exhibition experience.

Customer Feedback
Customers’ recognition of us is the driving force for us to move forward.

Successful case
Serves clients in 182 countries.

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Q1: Why customer choose us?
O: CHINAMFG Technology Development Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer for air compressor and after treatment equipment. We have more than 20 years experience in producing and exporting air compressor, air dryer and air filter. 

Q2: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
O: Our factory is located in ZheJiang China, we have research and develop center, advanced processing equipment, professional technicians, rich experience workers and after-sales team to offer good quality products and good service to our customers. We also can provide you the OEM&ODM service.

Q3: What’s your delivery time? 
O: Generally 10 days, if urgently order, pls contact our sales in advance.

Q4: How long is your air compressor warranty? 
O: One year for the whole machine when the compressor leave our factory.

Q5: How long could your air compressor be used? 
O: Generally, more than 10 years.

Q6: What’s payment terms? 
O: T/T, L/C, Paypal etc. Also we could accept USD, RMB, Euro and other currency (Pls contact our sales for more information.).

Q7: How about your customer service?
O: 24 hours on-line service available.

Q8: How about your after-sales service? 
O: 1. Provide customers with installation and commissioning online instructions.
2. Well-trained engineers available to overseas service
3. World wide agents and after service available

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 Year
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
US$ 2500/Unit
1 Unit(Min.Order)


Order Sample



air compressor

What role do air dryers play in compressed air systems?

Air dryers play a crucial role in compressed air systems by removing moisture and contaminants from the compressed air. Compressed air, when generated, contains water vapor from the ambient air, which can condense and cause issues in the system and end-use applications. Here’s an overview of the role air dryers play in compressed air systems:

1. Moisture Removal:

Air dryers are primarily responsible for removing moisture from the compressed air. Moisture in compressed air can lead to problems such as corrosion in the system, damage to pneumatic tools and equipment, and compromised product quality in manufacturing processes. Air dryers utilize various techniques, such as refrigeration, adsorption, or membrane separation, to reduce the dew point of the compressed air and eliminate moisture.

2. Contaminant Removal:

In addition to moisture, compressed air can also contain contaminants like oil, dirt, and particles. Air dryers help in removing these contaminants to ensure clean and high-quality compressed air. Depending on the type of air dryer, additional filtration mechanisms may be incorporated to enhance the removal of oil, particulates, and other impurities from the compressed air stream.

3. Protection of Equipment and Processes:

By removing moisture and contaminants, air dryers help protect the downstream equipment and processes that rely on compressed air. Moisture and contaminants can negatively impact the performance, reliability, and lifespan of pneumatic tools, machinery, and instrumentation. Air dryers ensure that the compressed air supplied to these components is clean, dry, and free from harmful substances, minimizing the risk of damage and operational issues.

4. Improved Productivity and Efficiency:

Utilizing air dryers in compressed air systems can lead to improved productivity and efficiency. Dry and clean compressed air reduces the likelihood of equipment failures, downtime, and maintenance requirements. It also prevents issues such as clogging of air lines, malfunctioning of pneumatic components, and inconsistent performance of processes. By maintaining the quality of compressed air, air dryers contribute to uninterrupted operations, optimized productivity, and cost savings.

5. Compliance with Standards and Specifications:

Many industries and applications have specific standards and specifications for the quality of compressed air. Air dryers play a vital role in meeting these requirements by ensuring that the compressed air meets the desired quality standards. This is particularly important in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automotive, where clean and dry compressed air is essential for product integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance.

By incorporating air dryers into compressed air systems, users can effectively control moisture and contaminants, protect equipment and processes, enhance productivity, and meet the necessary quality standards for their specific applications.

air compressor

What is the impact of altitude on air compressor performance?

The altitude at which an air compressor operates can have a significant impact on its performance. Here are the key factors affected by altitude:

1. Decreased Air Density:

As altitude increases, the air density decreases. This means there is less oxygen available per unit volume of air. Since air compressors rely on the intake of atmospheric air for compression, the reduced air density at higher altitudes can lead to a decrease in compressor performance.

2. Reduced Airflow:

The decrease in air density at higher altitudes results in reduced airflow. This can affect the cooling capacity of the compressor, as lower airflow hampers the dissipation of heat generated during compression. Inadequate cooling can lead to increased operating temperatures and potential overheating of the compressor.

3. Decreased Power Output:

Lower air density at higher altitudes also affects the power output of the compressor. The reduced oxygen content in the air can result in incomplete combustion, leading to decreased power generation. As a result, the compressor may deliver lower airflow and pressure than its rated capacity.

4. Extended Compression Cycle:

At higher altitudes, the air compressor needs to work harder to compress the thinner air. This can lead to an extended compression cycle, as the compressor may require more time to reach the desired pressure levels. The longer compression cycle can affect the overall efficiency and productivity of the compressor.

5. Pressure Adjustments:

When operating an air compressor at higher altitudes, it may be necessary to adjust the pressure settings. As the ambient air pressure decreases with altitude, the compressor’s pressure gauge may need to be recalibrated to maintain the desired pressure output. Failing to make these adjustments can result in underinflated tires, improper tool performance, or other issues.

6. Compressor Design:

Some air compressors are specifically designed to handle higher altitudes. These models may incorporate features such as larger intake filters, more robust cooling systems, and adjusted compression ratios to compensate for the reduced air density and maintain optimal performance.

7. Maintenance Considerations:

Operating an air compressor at higher altitudes may require additional maintenance and monitoring. It is important to regularly check and clean the intake filters to ensure proper airflow. Monitoring the compressor’s operating temperature and making any necessary adjustments or repairs is also crucial to prevent overheating and maintain efficient performance.

When using an air compressor at higher altitudes, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations specific to altitude operations. Following these guidelines and considering the impact of altitude on air compressor performance will help ensure safe and efficient operation.

air compressor

How is air pressure measured in air compressors?

Air pressure in air compressors is typically measured using one of two common units: pounds per square inch (PSI) or bar. Here’s a brief explanation of how air pressure is measured in air compressors:

1. Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): PSI is the most widely used unit of pressure measurement in air compressors, especially in North America. It represents the force exerted by one pound of force over an area of one square inch. Air pressure gauges on air compressors often display pressure readings in PSI, allowing users to monitor and adjust the pressure accordingly.

2. Bar: Bar is another unit of pressure commonly used in air compressors, particularly in Europe and many other parts of the world. It is a metric unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals (Pa). Air compressors may have pressure gauges that display readings in bar, providing an alternative measurement option for users in those regions.

To measure air pressure in an air compressor, a pressure gauge is typically installed on the compressor’s outlet or receiver tank. The gauge is designed to measure the force exerted by the compressed air and display the reading in the specified unit, such as PSI or bar.

It’s important to note that the air pressure indicated on the gauge represents the pressure at a specific point in the air compressor system, typically at the outlet or tank. The actual pressure experienced at the point of use may vary due to factors such as pressure drop in the air lines or restrictions caused by fittings and tools.

When using an air compressor, it is essential to set the pressure to the appropriate level required for the specific application. Different tools and equipment have different pressure requirements, and exceeding the recommended pressure can lead to damage or unsafe operation. Most air compressors allow users to adjust the pressure output using a pressure regulator or similar control mechanism.

Regular monitoring of the air pressure in an air compressor is crucial to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safe operation. By understanding the units of measurement and using pressure gauges appropriately, users can maintain the desired air pressure levels in their air compressor systems.

China supplier High Quality ASME 7.5kw/11kw/15kw/22kw and 8bar/10bar/15bar/16bar VSD Premanent Magnet High Pressure Electric AC All in One Industry Rotary Screw Air Compressor   portable air compressorChina supplier High Quality ASME 7.5kw/11kw/15kw/22kw and 8bar/10bar/15bar/16bar VSD Premanent Magnet High Pressure Electric AC All in One Industry Rotary Screw Air Compressor   portable air compressor
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